News from the Greater Petawawa Civitan Club

Well now here is a bit of news from the Greater Petawawa Civitan Club. The summer is soon over and we are getting ready for busy winter months with a new executive taking over in October - if you want to call it that because most of us are staying on for another year. Our Bingo is still going on it is still held every Sunday night.

This is also the time of the year we get a lot of requests for help: the food banks, hospitals, children’s groups and others. Our Civitan members work very hard to raise money to help others; our members do not get paid when they work the Bingo and all tips go to the club fund.

There is no cost to you to join the Greater Petawawa Civitan Club. We just ask that you help at the bingo and other events that take place thoughout the year.

We are looking for people to join us and find out just what Civitan is all about and what great work we do for your community. I invite you to come and talk to us about Civitan and see if it is something you would like to take part in. See me at the bingo, I’m in the canteen. You can call me at 613-687-8463 if you would like more information. I hope to hear from you. If you are new to Petawawa let us know we would love to tell you what there is for you here. It really is a great town to live in and Civitan wants to help you get to know other people.

Thought for the week: Today is a good day to something good for someone else! That’s all for now, God Bless and be happy