Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day

When people prepare for Valentine’s Day they often purchase unnecessary items. This year consider the following options instead of a traditional gift.

  • Instead of purchasing a store bought card, hand make a card with recycled materials for your loved one. This can be a fun activity for children as well. Instead of purchasing cards for everyone in their class they can use paper from around the house to create unique cards.

  • The true cost of a store bought bouquet is actually much more than the price you pay at the store. If the flowers have been grown in Canada they require transportation in a temperature controlled environment either by land or air. This type of transportation emits large amounts of greenhouse gases. Consider purchasing a potted plant from a local nursery. There are many beneficial indoor plants that can help with air quality such as a gerbera daisy, peace lily, rubber plant or weeping fig. Some plants to consider if you don’t have a green thumb would be an aloe, a snake plant, a philodendron or a spider plant.

  • Why not purchase vegetable seeds or an indoor herb garden for someone who loves gardening. With new technology on the market it allows for one to maintain fresh herbs inside throughout the winter.

  • Consider purchasing fair-trade chocolate. Deforestation and unfair working conditions are often associated with cocoa production. By purchasing fair-trade chocolate it is a great way to help support responsibly cultivated cocoa which is often grown in the shade and provides local wildlife with habitat. An added bonus is that fair-trade workers are paid a just wage which leads to safer working conditions.

  • Prepare a meal at home with one another using locally sourced ingredients.

  • For the tea lover consider a bunch of new organic teas with low environmental impact for the individual to sample. Some tea company’s even give back a percentage of their profits to local charities.

  • Give a gift that you can use all year, consider purchasing reusable snack bags or produce bags. Maybe you have made a resolution to pack more lunches with a purchase of reusable snack bags one can reduce the amount of consumable plastic.

  • Donation to a charity in your loved ones name. With so many charities available it is possible to find one that your partner would appreciate.