MILPERSCOM award for 1 Canadian Field Hospital

Four soldiers in formal uniform stand side by side, two holding certificate
(Left to right) 4 CDSG Formation Sergeant Major Chief Warrant Officer Tom Verner, 4 CDSG Commander Colonel Louis Lapointe, 1 Cdn Fd Hosp Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Margaret Coleman-McLean and 1 Cdn Fd Hosp Regimental Sergeant Major Chief Warrant Officer Todd Sinclair. (Submitted photo by 1 Cdn Fd Hosp Unit Member).

On 30 January 2019, accompanied by the Formation Sergeant Major Chief Warrant Officer Tom Verner, the 4th Canadian Division Support Group (4 CDSG) Commander Colonel Louis Lapointe, presented 1 Canadian Field Hospital (1 Cdn Fd Hosp) with a unit Military Personnel Command (MILPERSCOM) Commander’s Commendation. The MILPERSCOM Commander’s Commendation is awarded to an individual or unit to recognize deeds or activities beyond the demand of normal duty that reflect positively or brings credit to the Command. Signed in Ottawa on the 11th of January 2018 by Lieutenant-General C.A. Lemarre, the award was presented to 1 Cdn Fd Hosp for the hasty mission planning and successful execution in mounting and deploying a Role 2 Bravo (R2B) Medical Treatment Facility in support of Operation IMPACT (IRAQ).

The award highlights the exceptional “professionalism and dedication to duty illustrated by the personnel of 1 Canadian Field Hospital.” With less than seven weeks of planning, mounting and pre-deployment training, 1 Cdn Fd Hosp successfully deployed the R2B and all necessary personnel to Erbil, Iraq in 2016. The mission has continued for five rotations starting late 2016 and closing out this year, in March 2019.

During the presentation of the award Colonel Lapointe addressed the unit and talked about the consummate professionalism displayed by all personnel.

He stated that, as a lodger unit, the support that 1 Cdn Fd Hosp provides to the base is commendable and appreciated. Colonel Lapointe also remarked on the impressive movement capability residing with the unit when considering the size of its service support element. Lastly, he indicated that 1 Cdn Fd Hosp epitomizes professional medical support and added that when soldiers know that 1 Cdn Fd Hosp is providing a Role 2 Medical Treatment Facility on a deployed operation, this knowledge provides reassurance that they will be well cared for.

1 Cdn Fd Hosp Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Margaret Coleman-McLean accepted the award on behalf of her unit and addressed all members, applauding their hard work and determination over the course of the last several years. She expressed how impressed she was in how the unit came together to ensure the success of this short notice mission. While acknowledging the unit’s team work, dedication and professionalism she also expressed how each member should be proud of their specific individual contributions. Lastly, Lieutenant Colonel Coleman-McLean stressed that every unit within the Canadian Armed Forces has a distinct role to play, the overarching role is to ensure the success of their assigned mission.

She goes on to reflect “When executing the mission it is never the intent of a Commanding Officer and his or her unit to seek higher recognition or acknowledgment for a job well done, however, when this strategic level acknowledgement occurs the unit has truly experienced mission success.”

This is the first unit MILPERSCOM Commander’s Commendation for 1 Cdn Fd Hosp and it is a reflection of the unit’s dedication and professionalism to provide quality health services to the men and woman of the Canadian Armed Forces deployed abroad.