Specialized Occupation Fair at Dundonald Hall March 6-7

Spreadsheet with schedule of events for two days
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Recruiters from several speciality occupations will be in Petawawa at Dundonald Hall on March 6 and 7 to participate in the first annual Specialized Occupation Fair.

The goal of the fair is to increase awareness about speciality occupations in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), while also decreasing the amount of separate briefs for members interested in learning more.

Recruiters from CANSOFCOM, Clearance Diver, Close Protection Operator, Conduct After Capture, Cyber Ops, JTF-X, Flight Engineer, and SAR Tech specialities will be available to respond to questions at booths lining the hallway of Dundonald Hall.

In addition, each organization is scheduled to deliver briefs in the wood gym classroom in order to provide members and civilians with more information about the occupation and the recruitment process.