2019 Garrison Petawawa Cultural and Diversity Festival

Join Us on March 7 Dundonald Hall • 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. • Open to the Public

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The Petawawa Diversity and Employment Equity Advisory Group (PDEEAG) is growing and enthusiastically planning for the next Garrison Petawawa Cultural and Diversity Festival, which will be held on March 7, 2019.

In 1994, the Deputy Minister endorsed the establishment of Defence Advisory Groups (DAG) to facilitate the conversation with civilian and military members representing the four designated groups:

Defence Women’s Advisory Group
Military Co-Chair CWO Shelley Harris
Civilian Co-Chair Bev MacLeod

Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group
Military Co-Chair Sergeant Maggie Gosse
Civilian Co-Chair Chrissy Jolicoeur

Defence Visible Minority Group
Military Co-Chair Captain Racquel Pierre
Civilian Co-Chair Elsa Lucas

Defence Advisory Group for Persons with Disability
Military Co-Chair Private Maxime Tardif
Civilian Co-Chairs Robbie Davidson/Lorraine Shirley

The mission of the Diversity Committee is to hear the concerns of Canadian Armed Forces and Department of National Defence members from diverse communities in order to make them known to the chain of command, guide members to supports and services within the Department; and respond to these concerns as appropriately as possible. The committee’s main goal is to improve the quality of life at work through these key concepts: equity, diversity and inclusion.

Beyond this approach, the Diversity committee also makes recommendations to educate, develop and support all members of Garrison Petawawa.

Equity is an essential legislative requirement that encapsulates equal opportunities and the power to exercise one’s profession, offered impartially to everyone.

Diversity has an even broader meaning; it refers to respecting differences in ethnicity, gender, age, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, level of education and religion.

Inclusion is about integration, and more generally about interpersonal relationships and people’s ability to socialize within their professional environment.

To this effect, the Garrison Petawawa Diversity Committee has organized several awareness sessions on diversity and inclusion over the years focused on the four sub groups internationally and nationally recognized days. These events include: International Day for Persons with Disabilities (December 3); International Women’s Day (March 8); International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (March 21); Aboriginal Awareness Week (May 19-22); and National Indigenous Peoples Day (June 21).

“We are thrilled that the PDEEAG is growing in Petawawa in terms of interest and insight. For the first time in many years the military and civilian co-chair positions for all four of the designated DAGS in Petawawa are full, said Garrison Petawawa Champion, Lieutenant-Colonel Darcy Wright. “There is always room for more volunteers though as the mandate to enhance awareness, respond to concerns of systemic issues and guide members to supports and services available within the Department is always present.”

Volunteers interested in joining the PDEEAG and learning more about it can talk to one of the four DAG Group Civilian or Military Co Chairs. Information on the groups can be found on ACIMS at http://acims.mil.ca/org/GrnPet/SitePages/PDEEAG.aspx

In 2016 the Garrison Petawawa Diversity Committee brought together all four of the subgroups in order to ensure equitably representation by creating the Garrison Petawawa Cultural and Diversity Festival.

“With new members to the group and a broader vision to supporting the Garrison Petawawa workforce we are looking forward to this year’s event on Thursday, March 7, 2019. With the help of our Ottawa Valley Communities we will use this opportunity to facilitate conversation and educate the Garrison Petawawa Defence Team with over 30 exhibits.