Green Meetings

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The Department of National Defence (DND), as part of “Greening Government Operations” has committed to a Federal target to “adopt a guide to green meetings”. A green meeting or event is a gathering in which actions have been taken to reduce the environmental impact of the event.

Defence is committed to plan meetings, events and travel with due consideration to the environment, in addition to the economic, operational and social considerations of the Department and its employees. The ecological footprint associated with holding meetings and events will be reduced through the application of Green Meetings.

DND has developed the Green Meetings Guide and Checklist. It is meant to assist Defence employees in considering the environment and making more environmentally friendly choices when planning a meeting, event or travel (for work purposes). Personnel and management are encouraged to follow these six target recommendations in order to meet DND’s commitment to responsible environmental stewardship:

  1. Awareness: Inform the attendees that it will be a green meeting/event. Try to get everyone’s support including the attendees, partners and service providers.

  2. Green Procurement: Ask attendees to bring their own coffee mug. Display meeting minutes/notes from a computer using a projector instead of printing extra paper. Only purchase items that are required and when purchasing, choose items that can be easily recycled or reused later.

  3. Facilities, Venues and Accommodations: Ensure that the facilities and hotels are managed in an environmentally friendly manner. (Ask about their environmental policy when selecting a venue). Remember to turn out the lights and equipment when you are finished.

  4. Waste Management: Apply the 4 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle and recover) whenever possible. Encourage participants to recycle and procure items that are easy to apply the 4Rs.

  5. Travel & Transportation: Reduce the amount of travel when possible. Hold video and web conferences. (There are many video conference rooms available in the Garrison). If travel is necessary, try to meet in a central location and always try to carpool.

  6. Hospitality (Food and Beverage Services): If providing hospitality, try to purchase local and organic. Use reusable dishes instead of disposable and consider filling water pitchers instead of distributing water bottles.

Poster-sized copies of the checklist shown in this article are available to Garrison Petawawa personnel and can be obtained from the Environment Services office in building S-600.